Cancer Doesn't Have to Scare You Anymore!
The "best of the best" natural cures for cancer
by Danica Collins

Cancer DiagnosisQuestion:  What 3 words strike the most fear in people?  It's these words:  "You've got cancer."

     Once a doctor declares that you have cancer, the world suddenly seems like it's stopped turning.  Your blood runs cold, you become weak in the knees, and your heart pounds loudly in your chest.

     Then, comes the denial.  "This can't be true!  This only happens to other peoplenot me!"

     And thereafter, you begin to remember all the people who have died of cancer.  And you say to yourself, "I don't want to die."

     This chilling scenario is played over and over again in doctors' offices all over the world.  Every 3 minutes, someone new is diagnosed with cancer.  Almost 21.4 million people will be diagnosed with cancer every year by the year 2030, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

     Have you been told those 3 dreaded words?  Or if not you, has someone you know been told they have cancer?

     If so, in the next few minutes as you read this article in its entirety, you'll discover extraordinarily effective natural cures that can wipe out cancer in as little as 40 seconds to 48 hours.  And you'll also discover why you've never heard of these amazing cures before.

The American Cancer Society states that
41% of all adults will develop cancer
in their lifetimes ... or die from it.

2 out of 5 get cancer     Put simply, that's 4 out of 10 people … or 2 out of 5 who'll get cancer.

     That means if you have a group of 5 friends, 2 of you in the group will be diagnosed with cancer, if you haven’t already.  

     If you have a family of five, 2 of you will most likely develop cancer, if you don’t already have it.

      Cancer will kill more than 13.2 million people a year by 2030.  This is forecasted by the United Nations Cancer Research Agency.

No One Can Escape Cancer ... But Cancer is Curable!

It's true that if you live in the modern world ... there's no escaping cancer.  It strikes people of any age, race or social background. 

     Cancer finds you whether you lead a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle ... whether you’re physically fit or out of shape ... whether you exercise regularly or are a couch potato ... whether you’re rich or poor ... male or female ... whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover ... and whether you’re an adult, adolescent or child.

     And there's an endless list of things that cause cancer.  These days, it seems that almost everything you do ... most of the food you eat ... and the items you surround yourself with ... cause cancer.

Startling Things You Never Suspected
Could Cause Cancer (but they do)

*  Most laundry detergents
*  Commercial hair dyes
*  Granite countertops (which emit radon)
*  High doses of Vitamin E
*  Repressed anger
*  Rancid peanuts and seeds
*  Canola oil
*  Chronic inflammation
*  Canned tomatoes
*  Food laced with pesticides
*  Vitamin D deficiency in the body
*  Chemicals from aerosol cans
*  Mammograms
*  Food microwaved in plastic containers (including
        plastic wrap, the plastic trays that come with frozen
        TV dinners, and even plastic baby bottles)

     And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

     There are literally thousands of seemingly innocent things you consume or do that cause cancer.
  Why, even prolonged sitting has recently been definitively linked to cancer!

     Even vegetarians -- who think their healthy diet makes them immune to cancer -- often get cancer.  Case in Point:  Linda McCartney, the late wife of Beatle Paul McCartney was a life-long vegetarian, who not only championed vegetarianism, but also wrote a book on vegetarian cooking and produced a line of frozen vegetarian meals.  Yet, despite her healthy eating, she died of breast cancer at the age of 56.

Cancer Cured Headline
     But the GOOD NEWS is ... even if there are countless ways that you can acquire cancer -- there are also countless ways that cancer can be cured.  No matter what you’ve been told ... cancer is curable

     Cancer has always been curable.  The reason most of us think cancer is incurable is because mainstream medicine has imposed its conventional cancer treatments on us -- which don't work -- and has deliberately kept us in the dark about natural cures.

     The fact is, tens of thousands of people from all over the world have been cured of cancer -- without ever resorting to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery -- and without medical intervention.

Extensive Media Coverage
on the Reversal of Brain Cancer
This is an excerpt from a real-life case study.
Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

     There's an anti-cancer formula that kills virtually 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours.  This formula has saved thousands of lives ever since it was discovered in 1983.

     One of them was a woman named Elonna, who was diagnosed with the most aggressive malignant brain tumor after she gave birth to quintuplets.  Her cancer was in Stage 4, and her doctors told her she probably wouldn't live to see her babies' first birthday.

     But three and a half months after she started treatment with this anti-cancer formula, Elonna’s brain scans showed no signs of cancer!  Her case received extensive media coverage.  Read below for details.

     The only reason why cancer has been regarded as a "death sentence" by most people is because too many cancer victims have died of cancer ... unnecessarily.

     What most people don't realize is ...

No One Actually Dies of Cancer

Some people die from complications caused by conventional cancer therapies… but it's never cancer that kills them.  More often than not, conventional cancer therapies have been shown to be more dangerous than the disease—that they cause more harm than good.

     So what exactly happens when someone is reported as having "died of cancer?"  It means that someone's immune system has been severely weakened that it was rendered powerless against pathogens, viruses and disease microorganisms. 

     When your immune system is working correctly, it's almost impossible to get sick ... or to succumb to cancer.

     It's rarely the presence of cancer cells or tumors that kill a patient.  Cancer cells come and go.  Every human being has cancer cells existing in the body at any given time -- but those cells usually don’t multiply into the full-blown disease ... unless the body’s immune system is compromised.

     Therefore, the first line of defense against cancer -- and ultimately, what destroys cancer -- is a healthy immune system.
  There are innumerable alternative healing modalities that strengthen the immune system to the extent that cancer is wiped out for good.

Cancer survivor says ...
"This is a Priceless Book!"

     "In 2002, I suffered from late-stage lymphoma.  I agreed to undergo chemotherapy, but after getting just 3 of the 12 chemo sessions recommended by my oncologist, I discontinued chemo altogether because of the horrible side effects I experienced, such as extreme nausea, skin blisters and the loss of all my hair.  I've since experienced a spontaneous remission of my cancer through natural means. 

     When I purchased The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures book recently, I was convinced this is a priceless book that all cancer sufferers must have -- including those in remission like me.  It gives effective options for beating cancer naturally.  I just wish I had this book way before I even got 3 sessions of chemo and suffered through my cancer ordeal.  I've ordered 100 copies of Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures to give away to my relatives and friends, and to share with other parents at my children's school and their families." -- Lisa G., Santa Clarita, California

You're Not Likely to Hear About These Cancer Cures from Your Doctor

Most doctors don't know that natural cures for cancer exist.  That's because medical schools don't teach natural, alternative or unconventional healing modalities. 

     What's more, Big Pharma goes to great lengths to suppress the natural ways of curing cancer from reaching the public.  Why?  Because such natural cures threaten their trillion-dollar industry.  They are determined to outlaw or discredit "drugless" natural solutions to cancer!

     How does it make you feel ... knowing there actually are effective treatments for cancer -- and that information has been kept hidden from you all these years?

Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures
     I personally think it's a crime to have allowed millions of people to die just to protect Big Pharma's profits ... especially since extraordinary natural cures do exist.

     This is why I've assembled in one book all the research studies, medical reports, inspiring real-life stories, and basic usage instructions for 10 powerful natural cancer cures that have helped many thousands of cancer patients reclaim their health and their lives

     This book is titled The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures No One is Talking About.

     In the years I've spent as Editor of Underground Health ReporterTM e-Newsletter, I've written about dozens of cancer cures that are stunningly effective.  From among them, I've compiled the cures that have been consistently hailed by alternative health practitioners as "the best of the best."  Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find in the book:

==> A gold-colored spice derived from the ginger family reverses the growth of cancer cells by 98%, and rivals the effectiveness of chemotherapy (page 16)
Natural Cancer Cure No. 2When the cancer-fighting properties of this spice were first discovered by Western medicine, an American pharmaceutical company tried to patent it in order to rake in millions of dollars in profits.  Health practitioners from India were OUTRAGED, considering they have been using this herb for thousands of years to heal cancer and treat major diseases.

==> A natural anti-cancer formula that kills virtually 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours (page 32)

Esophageal CancerDick's esophageal cancer surgery left him with septic shock, two staph infections, and a metastasized cancer recurrence two years later.  Radiation reduced his cancer by about 55% but couldn't eliminate it completely.  But after six months on this anti-cancer formula, a bronchial scope and CT scan showed no cancer in Dick's esophagus or trachea!

==> A 4-herb tea that reduces pain and causes a recession in cancer growth in patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer (page 72)

==> A compound from the bark of a little-known fruit tree is the only cancer treatment that destroys drug-resistant – and chemo-resistant -- cancer cells.  It's 10,000 times more effective than a commonly used cancer drug -- and no, it's not graviola (page 50)

Over the course of 20 years, and with the help of a $5 million dollar fund established by the NCI, the Professor Emeritus of Pharmacognosy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, has proven the viability of this natural extract as an effective cancer treatment.

==> Two inexpensive food items combined together in specific proportions are proven by numerous independent clinical studies to provide a powerful and effective means of treating even the most advanced cancers90% cure rate (page 96)

==> A Chinese healing practice that dissolves a cancer patient’s orange-sized tumor in 40 seconds (page 113)

There are hundreds of health practitioners who specialize in this healing practice in the U.S. and many parts of the world.  In one study, cancer cells were cultivated in Petri dishes.  Masters of this healing practice emitted healing energy upon them and instantly killed all the cancer cells in the Petri dishes.

==> A medicinal mushroom that is proven by a National Institutes of Health study to cure cancer -- especially breast cancer (page 115)

==> A natural substance that creates an oxygen-rich environment in the body which causes cancerous tumors to shrink -- and inhibits the growth of other tumors, as well as pathogens, viruses and harmful bacteria (page 57)

==> A vegetable with such powerful cancer-fighting properties that many natural health practitioners claim that it could be sold as a prescription drug (page 86)

==> An “eleventh hour” cancer remedy made from the juice of cereal grasses proves effective in curing advanced terminal cancer (page 126)

     In addition to the 10 "best of the best" natural cancer cures, the book also features 5 additional noteworthy cancer cures:

* A food item which, when taken in therapeutic doses, has been proven to reverse cancer.  This cancer remedy was developed after it was observed that the longest-living people in the Himalayas -- who live up to 130 years, and who never get cancer -- consumed 200 times more of this food than the average American.  (page 148)

* An audio-frequency emitting device that sends frequencies into the body, and destroys all microorganisms associated with cancer(page 150)

* Two natural compounds which, when combined together, halts cancer dead in its tracks, supercharges the immune system -- and causes cancer cells to convert into normal cells (page 146)  

* The best-known nutritional approach to fighting cancer that has been used successfully by thousands of people since the 1940s -- including those with advanced cancer.  (page 147)

* The first widely used, non-toxic, alternative cancer treatment in the U.S. which consists of an herbal topical salve, and herbal topical powder, and an herbal internal tonic. (page 145)

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Everyone Knows Someone Who Suffers from Cancer

How many people do you know who have been diagnosed with cancer?  It's very likely that you know more than a few (Check all that apply.)  

    Parent    Spouse    Grandparent(s) 
    Friend(s)    Brother/sister    Cousin(s) 
    Aunts/Uncles   Co-worker(s)    Others 


     Total number of people you know who have cancer...  

     Once you've figured out h
ow many people you know who are presently battling cancer ... or may even be at the brink of death ... let me ask you a question. 

     What kind of difference could you make in their lives if you gave them
The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures?

*  Who might be cured of cancer because they decide to use one of the natural cancer cures they find in the book?

  Who might you spare from unnecessary pain and suffering?

  Whose life might you save?

All Her Tests Showed No Trace of Cancer!
This is an excerpt from a real-life case study.
Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

PNatural Cancer Cure No. 2am's fast-growing invasive ductile carcinoma disappeared completely -- without surgery, chemo, radiation, or hormone-blocking drugs -- and despite her doctor's warnings against not using conventional treatments.  Pam got regular ultrasound check-ups from another doctor, and after a year and a half of using Natural Cancer Cure No. 2 (see page 34), all her tests showed no trace of cancer.

     100% Money-Back Guarantee:  Preview the book risk-free today.  If you're not absolutely amazed by the information in it -- or if you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason -- you can request a refund within 30 days, and you'll receive your entire purchase price immediately.  But I'm certain you won't want to be without this must-have information -- and you'll probably want to give a copy to everyone you care about.

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Now, You Can Really Stand Up to Cancer -- and Win!

Have you ever watched helplessly as someone you cared about suffered from cancer -- and you couldn't do anything to help them, or even offer health solutions that would take away their despair?  Have you ever wished there was something you could say to reassure them that they're not going to die and that everything was going to be alright?

     Right at this moment, you may know someone who's at the brink of death -- or who has late-stage cancer.  Or maybe you've always feared that you or someone you care about may one day be at that hopeless, irreversible or terminal phase of cancer.

Natural Cancer Cure No. 10     Within the pages of
The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures lie the secrets to bringing any cancer sufferer to full health restoration.  That cancer sufferer may even be you.

     Let me ask you a question:

     How would you FEEL if a friend or family member who has cancer took a turn for the worse -- or even died -- when you could've shared the "best of the best" natural cancer cures that might have healed them or even saved their life?

     You can prevent this from happening by giving the gift of
The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures -- not only to yourself but everyone you care about.   

I Bought 10 Copies to Give Away to Everyone I Know
Who Suffers From Cancer

    "As a Title Insurance Representative, I'm out in the field most of the time meeting with clients.  There isn't a month that goes by without someone telling me that a relative of theirs has been diagnosed with cancer.  The same is true among my family and friends.  Just last month, my husband's best friend was diagnosed with liver cancer, and my husband was distraught that he couldn't do anything to help his friend.  The moment I read The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures and saw the amazing cures in it, I bought 10 copies to give away to everyone I know who suffers from cancer.  It's an indispensable book that not only gives hope, but also effective solutions." --  Raquel I., Rancho Cucamonga, California

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"Thank You for Saving My Life!"

In some societies, if you save someone's life, the person whose life you saved becomes indebted to you that they pledge loyalty to you and vow to be in your service for the rest of their life.

     That's the value and sanctity of human life!  People are often willing to enslave themselves in order to repay someone for saving their life.

     Now, just imagine someone saying to you, "Thank you for saving my life!"

     How would that make you FEEL?  Although you may not have done a heroic deed like pulling them out of a burning building or saving them from drowning, if you shared with them a book that showed them how to cure their cancer, you're still a hero (or heroine) to them.

Natural Cancer Cure     Right at this moment, you can be that hero (or heroine) in the life of someone with cancer.

     You don't have to look too far to find people who are suffering from cancer.  What kind of life might they have if you simply shared
The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures with them? 

     I look back on all the people I've lost to cancer -- my father, 2 grandparents, 3 aunts, 5 uncles, 7 cousins and 4 friends.  Had I known about these cancer cures back then, they may not have had to suffer or die.  

     How about you?

     Are there people in your life -- family members ... friends ... co-workers ... business associates ... people who go to the same church as you ... or even people who work at the bank you go to ... or own the dry cleaning service down the street from you ... who have cancer --- and whose health could change dramatically if you shared
The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures with them?  Could this book help save their lives?

     If you were in their shoes, wouldn't you want someone to share this book with you?

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Why I Wrote The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures

A few months ago, an old friend of mine named Andrew told me that his wife, Tammy, had late-stage brain cancer.  Tammy had an inoperable malignant tumor, and had just been admitted into hospice care, waiting to die.

     I started telling Andrew about some of the extraordinary cancer cures I had researched extensively over the last few years.  But Andrew seemed convinced it was too late to do anything for Tammy.  Her doctors had given her one month to live. 

     Several weeks later, Andrew called to say that Tammy had passed away.

     Although Tammy's death didn't come as a shock, I was extremely depressed.  I couldn't help wondering what might have happened if only I had all the best natural cancer cures compiled into a book ... and had given the book to Andrew.  Could the book have brought Tammy back from the brink of death?  Could Tammy's life have been saved?

     There were no answers to my questions.  Only a regretful feeling of what might have been.

     That is how I came to write
The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures.  I never again wanted to feel like I didn't do everything possible to help someone whose life was threatened by cancer. 

     Now that the book is finally published, I make it a point to always have 6 or more copies with me at all times so that I can hand them to people I meet who may desperately need the information in the book.  Now you can do the same.

Wishing you the best of health,

Danica Collins
Editor, Underground Health ReporterTM

P.S.  It is the mission of Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing -- as well as mine -- to put this book into the hands of every person and every household that wants to be freed of cancer.  We also want to empower you to make a difference in people's lives by sharing The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures with others.


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